Kati Rolls at Bay Leaf

So, back to the Kati Craze in Chennai, a friend of mine was raving about the Kati Rolls at Bay Leaf. After writing about the Hot Kati Roll shop on RK Salai, the one at Adoniya and then about the Kati Kebab Company, I wanted to finish off this Kati thing by trying out the Bay Leaf.

Walked in there and ordered just one plate of Kati rolls. Sure, for Rs. 220, you get two kati rolls and there is the value for money factor there and since they are from Kolkatta and that is supposed to be the Kati Roll Capital of India and people who have eaten here have sung praises, maybe this is authentic, but I thought they were nice! Nothing more, nothing less.

The parathas were soft, no doubt. Nice and flaky, but I missed the full bodied kati rolls from the other places. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that they are bad, just did not live up the 'oohs' and 'aahs'. None of the other tables had kati rolls, but there was a heavenly smell, so the other foods from the other tables were, at least smell wise, quite nice!

Maybe I should go back and try another one. Or maybe I should try the other foods and write a proper food experience and not just a kati roll experience. Or maybe its time to go to Kolkatta and taste some kati rolls from there before passing judgements! Yeah, mouth shut time for me!