Cheat's Cookie Baking Time!

So, that is how the cookies looked.

That is how they tasted.

That was my look when I had to reveal how it was done!

This is what I saw.

So there is nothing much to say.

I saw the 'Do it yourself' cookies at Adoniya.
They are priced at Rs. 480
I brought them home, added egg, butter and vanilla.

Shaped them into cookies and put them on a baking sheet.

Put them in an oven and these came out in 10 mins! They were soggy, but after letting them cool for about 10 mins (though the instructions tell you 2 mins), they became just perfect!

I served and got a 'Wah Chef' look on everybody at the party. I then told them the truth. I bought another DIY Cookie - this time the choco-chip one! Already looking forward to it. It took me a total of 25 minutes to get 20 large cookies done!

End of blog post!