Adoniya Academy and the Biriyani Connection!

So, the cup cake queen who graduated to home baking all cake queen has now further post graduated to guru level! Maaria from Cafe Adoniya who started (ok, started marketing it perfectly) the designer cup cakes has taken the Adoniya brand, added Adoniya Academy to it and has started imparting baking lessons to those who want to learn! Not surprising, considering that this is a natural forward move for any enterprising home baker, but when I heard that she was teaching Biriyani making, I was more than just intrigued. And then, I found that another home cook, Tasneem Ayub, whom I fondly call, Tasneem Aunty and whose Biriyani and Zafrani Sweet is to die for, is doing the teaching! Whoa, the academy is now having guest teachers!

I was late for the event, but of course, just in time to taste the biriyani made in front of a 19 keen women and 1 man! OK, two men, me included, but I was clicking away and tasting away! The chicken biriyani was outstanding, but the shami kebab that she made out did the biriyani! Outdo a biriyani? Really? Is that even possible? Yes, it did. And then she taught the crowd to make Haleem!

There was one thing on everybody's mind - how to make perfect mutton biriyani? So, the next workshop, this Sunday, 17th November, is going to be on The Art of Making Mutton Biriyani! I don't know what it is officially titled, but thats the title for me. After I posted picture of the giant cup with me and the haleem, 3 seats have been taken by the wives of my friends! Sorry, but 3 down and a few more to go, so if you want to learn to make Mutton Biriyani, you know where to go!

Call Maaria - 9840285950
Call Tasneem Aunty - 9884078631

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