With the growing number of dessert places in Chennai, very few have been able to prove themselves as the go-to dessert destinations and invariably, most places have to have some non-sugar stuff to keep going! When will we ever get a place like Berry'd Alive, Bangalore that survives on desserts? Even Cafe Adoniya has short eats and Sugarush has taken the plunge to add savoury stuff to their menu! 6 of us from CFG were there for a taste off and had a blast.

The good things first - their grilled chicken sandwich brought back memories of the wonderful grilled chicken sandwich at Galloping Gooseberry, a few eons ago. While GG has almost disappeared, they were, at one point of time, an outstanding place for great food and this sandwich was something I might have had like a million times! It was great to taste that flavour again. Their stuff on toast were also quite good - we had a mexican stuff on toast and some corn on toast and they were both excellent! And then their specialty, desserts were quite nice too. I loved the chocolate decadence that was served and the Kit Kat cup cake, and two other cup cakes were all very very good.

Now, the not so good things - I wonder why they cut up the patty in the burger. The patty was very average by itself and the fact that it was cut up and crispy in places it should not be, left me disappointed. The burger needs a lot of work! The hash browns weren't great either. It felt half done and generally had a lot of issues and the pizzas had some trouble with the base - they were quite biscuty!

So, there you go! Sugarush in Besant Nagar now has savoury stuff too. The cafe is nice and quirky and has a small balcony and is a great place to read a book over coffee and cup cakes! It is a small cafe, but with a little personality, so, that is a good thing!