Katti Kebab Company

What's up with Kati Rolls in Chennai? After the once famous Tic Tac became quiet for a long time, Tibbs Frankie filled the gap with the frankie, obviously not quite the kati roll, but they were quite popular and survived for long, possibly due the attractive price and reasonably good taste, Bay Leaf served (supposedly) authentic Calcutta Kati Rolls and The Hot Kati Roll Shop set up its service on RK Salai to excellent business! And now one more!

Tucked away in one of the outlets, completely away from public view in Wellington Plaza, Egmore (same one that has Donut House, Milky Way, Pizza Republic and a few more), is this new place called the Katti Kebab Company. Now, this outlet is meant to be the base for setting up multiple kiosks around the city and so there is almost no ambiance; just a glorified street shop with a couple of benches and two small tea tables.

But among all the kati roll shops in Chennai, this place probably has the widest choice. The two page menu has at least 30 options in various permutations and combinations and you have a choice of 'healthy' wheat kati rolls or the traditional maida ones. Unless I am eating one every day, when I eat a kati roll, I don't want it to be bland in the name of 'healthy', but I want it to be fluffy and full bodied and so, I did not like the wheat ones at all!

Today when my colleague and me went there for lunch, we had the chicken anda roll - one in wheat and one in maida and he ruefully looked at mine and took a few bites and conceded that his wheat was a bad choice and he loved mine. We decided to share a aloo channa roll in maida and quite liked that too! Most chicken ones are priced around the Rs. 120 mark, while the veg ones are priced around Rs. 100 and the mutton ones around Rs. 150. Good kati rolls with a wide choice for non vegetarians and eggetarians, a about 6 different pure veg ones.

3.5/5 for me!

So, there is another place for kati rolls and you have to walk behind the Wellington Plaza complex to spot it!