Cafe Adoniya

Maaria Kulsum is almost a household name in Chennai for cupcakes these days. Her cupcakes are juicy, soft and have the choicest of toppings and slowly she started adding stuff to her menu, but most of us had a big grouse - she was open only till 830 on all days and well....

But Cafe Adoniya has come of age now, with a small exclusive seating independent of the fashion store and is now open till 1030 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cafe is quite quirky and I love the things she has put up inside! 'A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand', for example and 'We guarantee quick service, no matter how long it takes' and other such fun stuff.

But for any eating place, the food is what decides if the place is good or not and Maaria has taken steps to ensure that the quality does not suffer. There is a nice meaty large kaati roll priced at a good Rs. 120 - compare that to the similar price in road side places without a place to sit! Good stuff. I think enough has been written about her cupcakes, so I will not go on and on, but I must mention the Lindt Chocolate cupcake that we had! Outstanding. And pavlova finally makes its entry to Chennai - at least I have not had it anywhere else and it was quite nice with lots of cream and a compote!

Cafe Adoniya is on a little road off Harrington Road - take the first right after Shopper's Stop and you can see the board!