Ox and Tomato, Harrington Road

There are some places that I have been 'meaning to try out', but never did and this is one such place. But after they opened up a new outlet at Harrington Road, I ran out of excuses for myself and landed there last week. The decor is quite confusing - a wooden theme with nice brick designed wall, but the chairs were the old style metal chairs - reasonably uncomfortable and did not blend with the interiors. 

That night they were packed and apparently ran out of both chicken and beef lasagna, so we settled for a breakfast pie pizza, some potato wedges and a gnocchi in white sauce. The service was surprisingly quick and in a few minutes the wedges arrived with the pizza. You can't go wrong with the wedges and they did not, but the pizza was excellent. It was thin crust, had egg, chicken sausage, cheese and the pizza sauce and the flavour was almost like eating breakfast. I would love to have this for breakfast at 9 AM! 

The gnocchi, though was not fantastic. The sauce was a little too runny for my liking and the chicken did not have enough flavour and was bland. I am not sure if that is how they meant it to be, because if you are in Italy, it will taste similar. A friend of mine told me that their lasagna was excellent, so I want to go back there sometime and try that. I believe their other pizzas are equally good and if I try other pastas, I will report back, but what I had was not to my liking! 

Desserts are from Sandy's so you will know what to expect. Prices are very typically Chennai upmarket, so pizzas are between 325 and 450 and pastas are upwards of 275! The prices are inclusive of service charge so TWO THUMBS UP for that! Taxes are extra. 

3.5/5 for me!

Ox and Tomato is at Harrington Road, Chetput, next to the newly opened Subway and there is another (very tiny) outlet at St. Mary's road.