Iftar @ Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Unfortunately the best place for Iftar is 350 km away! After my friend, Tasneem Aunty told me to try out this road for Iftar and was raving about it, I decided to try it after my work in Bangalore. I was able to smell food on the way and I thought we were near, but I was wrong and we were nearly half a kilometre away. That is the intensity of the street food smell and the sheer volume of the vendors made this a street food lover's paradise!!!

I really did not know where to start and finally decided to go in search of the Pathar Gosht as suggested by aunty and after asking around, I found the guy making it. It was excellent and super succulent and the flavours were quite nice. I tried the haleem, but I was not too happy and I am glad the guy gave me a taste, but I picked up a lukhmi samosa and a keema samosa from his shop and both were excellent and they priced at just Rs. 10 a piece, compared to the Rs 25 a piece in Chennai! Then there was a flat grilled/fried chicken on a stick and though it looked very unhealthy, I took the plunge and did not regret it. There was a khawa parota and a kheema parota that I missed out and people who have visited have raved about it - I knew this after I came back to Chennai, unfortunately!!!

There was mini ice cream brand there and though the concept was different to me, the taste was not great, so I am not going to talk too much about it. The shahi thukda was excellent and I finished off with Sulaimani Chai at an Empire Hotel close by!

Street food is oily, hygiene is a question mark, is not very consistent and if you go on a weekday, chances are you might get undercooked meat because of the sheer volume of people! If you understand those, then this place will tickle your tastebuds and leaving you wanting for more. There were lots of stuff that I did not taste - tandoori chicken, various variations of Tandoori Chicken, different coloured chicken and more!

Don't take your car, take an auto and ask for Mosque Road, Frazer town. The mosque is on the junction and for the first 50 meters on all sides, you will have street hawkers trying to grab your attention - actually, they will be just serving people and will not care about you, you have to catch their attention! Good Luck!

This is open from Iftar time all the way till about 4 in the morning and happens only during the month of Ramzan!