My first tryst with Kati Rolls were as a kid when the uncles used to drive to Tic Tac - which was a small hole in the wall, opposite the Taj Coromandel. Tic Tac became a full fledged restaurant, then lost its quality, then shut shop, Tibbs Frankie came and has stayed with some 'Kati-Roll-Look-Alikes', but for me, the Kati Rolls did not match up to the ones during my 'non Chennai Foodie' days! And then this not-so-interstingly-named shop opens up on RK Salai, right next to a restaurant and it blows my mind! Wow!

I tried just one - the anda chicken roll priced at Rs 85 is a value for money, tasty, juicy and near perfect Kati Roll. It was not made of a thin 'almost-chappati' that FRANKIE serves, but a full crisp parotta. I asked them to add a little potato to my Kati Roll and they did not charge for that - either they forgot or they were being very nice as a start up. It was quite filling for someone who fasted the whole day, but if you have 2 kati rolls, it could be your dinner/lunch. And you can have double meat for Rs. 40 extra.  I took the picture from the facebook page of the shop and it is not served with any such garnishes - just the kati roll, but you won't need that garnish!

I am not sure if at the price point of Rs. 85, it will attract the masses, but maybe this could be the best 'Premium Street Food' that is starting to do the rounds in Chennai. All said and done, this is a must try. They do have some veg options too!

You can easily miss this, so pay attention - this place is located right next to Tandoor Tadaka on RK Salai. You will have to take the U turn to come to Reliance iStore (or if you're coming from Citi Centre, continue towards the iStore) and just as you cross the junction that has Grand Siam and Kabul, you will see it on your left.