Ramzan Special - Zaitoon Iftar Box

It's Ramzan again!!! Last year, I had written that the Zaitoon had this wonderful Iftar box - priced at Rs 225 or so, I thought it was the best available Iftar combo in town! So this year, I started, after the first few at home, with Zaitoon Iftar Kit. The price is up, it cost me Rs 350 this year and I thought it was alright!

Landed home and dove straight into the Haleem and it was super yumm! They have really got their Haleem right and it was gone in a few seconds. And then I took a spoon of the Biriyani and almost spat it out - it was dry, flavourless and generally very bad. I then had their Lukmi samosa - first bite was full of patty and no filling, second bite had wee bit of filling, and the last bite had none - it was a complete disappointment.  Next was the chicken kebab (a 65 type kebab) which was nice and juicy and quite flavourful! Then the schwarma - pathetic is the word, so I am not going to say anything more about it. The chicken gravy was alright and the quantity was just right for the chapati provided and the box also had a small bottle of water, some cut fruits and a lemon drink.

In theory, this could have been a perfect Iftar box - in fact last year it was. This year, this is no value for money at all. I don't know if I got a bad box, but this is unlikely. I plan to go back to Zaitoon and get a box of Haleem, but nothing more.

Till the next Iftar I get to eat out - Ramadhan Mubarak to you all. Those who are not fasting will love the seasonal foods that Ramzan brings so it is Mubarak to all!!!