Ramzan Special - Haleem @ Fisherman's Fare

So after the disaster with Zaitoon and the wonderful meal at Blue Diamond, my next stop was Fisherman's fare. During my days at Apollo Hospitals, no Ramzan was complete without a visit to Fisherman's fare at least 5-6 times, during the month for Haleem. I think they were the first ones to bring Haleem to Chennai or that time, that was the only place I knew who served Haleem. Somewhere they lost their way, but last year and this year, I think they have got it right.

I picked up Haleem, Rolls and Lukhmi. The Haleem was nice and flavourful, without any bones (a couple of years earlier, they had bones in the haleem) and was perfectly prices - 300 ml @ Rs 185. They have also introduced chicken Haleem, but I did not bother trying. The Lukhmi samosas were excellent, quite pricy at Rs 25 a piece, but they were excellent. The rolls were very economical at Rs 55 for 4 pieces, but they were the typical oily ones.

They have a buffet priced at Rs. 329 and looking at the number of dishes, it seems like a good buffet, but I won't be able to eat so much soon after breaking fast, so decided to skip it.

So Haleem is good this year too at Fisherman's Fare.

What's next?

Fisherman's fate is on Casa Major Road, Egmore.