Pizza Republic, Perambur - Delivery

For us poor folks in North Chennai, eating out 'nearby' has never been an option (and pretty sure, it won't be in the near future)! So imagine my happiness when I spotted Pizza Republic in Perambur with the delivery option to my house, a further 4 km away!!!! Last Sunday, we deviated from our usual monthly Dominos dose and ordered from PR - one custom made thin crust pizza with chicken, brocolli, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and the usual onions and tomatoes, a burrito, a taco, one portion garlic bread and some potato wedged.

Delivery happened in about 45 minutes and the first reaction from home was 'Eeaww'! Is that a pizza? It looks sad!!! Taco? PR has a long way to go in packing the non pizza stuff and a very long way to go in making the thin crust pizza look appealing. The way it was packed, the taco was over each other and almost mashed together, while the burrito managed to land in one piece! The garlic bread was dry by the time it was delivered and it was more of a garlic chapati than garlic bread!

45 minutes later - burp!! Every single morsel of what was delivered was gone - nothing about how it looked and how it was packed mattered! The food was simple, tasty and perfectly priced - all of the above was delivered for Rs 504!!!! Even the dry garlic chapati when heated for a few minutes became super tasty! Only grouse was the sun dried tomatos - don't know if they forgot or if it was there, there was no trace of it!!!

From now on, it is going to be PR at my home for the pizza dose of the month!!! It will be especially useful during the month of fasting!!!

Pizza Republic has a nice seat in and because they are present (or expected to be present soon) in every corner of Chennai (and now Tirupur), I believe there is a high chance you can get your pizza at home too. Check out their facebook page for the numbers that matter.