Berry'd Alive

We have been having conversations about the market for desserts in Chennai - a pure dessert place. And invariably the outlook is negative. Examples of places like Dessert Studio and Dessert Safari are thrown in and suggestions that they are not doing too well. I disagree. Dessert Safari is an excellent place, but confused. I had blogged about it and wondered why there was a fine dine table set up for a dessert place - maybe we don't have the market for a fine dine dessert place that also served french fries and short eats. And Dessert Studio is bad, common, you cannot assess Chennai's dessert market with these places - one excellent, but bad location and confused branding and the other, a bad one in an excellent location. How many places are there in Chennai which can talk of desserts beyond anything that has chocolate in it? Either it is cup cakes or donuts or chocolate shakes!

My last visit to Bangalore introduced me to an excellent dessert place called Berry'd Alive! Now that is a dessert place! Not confused, not attempting to serve everything but a place dedicated for desserts, not just chocolate stuff! The menu was inspiring, prices did not want me to break my neighbour's bank account, the location was upmarket, the place was colourful and screamed desserts and the food was fantastic!!!

We had a lychee pomegranate panna cotta that was polished off in minutes, a chocolate cheesecake that was excellent, a lychee pavlova that was crunchy with smooth cream on top, a hazelnut creme pot that was very different and an excellent mango passionfruit pudding!!!!

4/5 for this quaint little place!!!

I envy Bangalore! I believe a place like this will do well in Chennai too!!!

Berry'd Alive is located at 12th main road, HAL IInd Stage, Indranagar.

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I called up the mobile number in the Zomato page of Berry'd Alive, introduced myself and asked for pictures as I was on a work visit to Bangalore and the photo on my phone were not fit even to be seen on the phone!!! I'll update photos when I have them!!! The menu was taken from