It's been two years, at least, I think. Tangerine was once the go-to-place for steaks and sizzlers, but after an onslaught by various other places, and a couple of bad experiences, I sort of forgot about Tangerine. Last weekend, my friend and I were both craving for a nice sizzler and so we decided to try out Tangerine after another friend had tried it and said that her meal was enjoyable.

We started off with a simple mushroom and mascaporne soup - it was nice simple and just about right and this was followed by a 'Take 5' - a grilled chicken with lemongrass, oregano and garlic - which was excellent. We then went for the Steaks - my friend asked for a grilled lamb in mushroom sauce in a sizzler and I chose a stuffed chicken breast steak from their 'special menu'. Both of us loved our steaks, the lamb was soft, juicy and succulent and the flavour was fantastic, while my chicken breast was stuffed to perfection and the sauce was brilliant. The jacket potatoes they serve here with the cream on top is quite good and they are generous with the sauce too. My friend asked for more sauce for his steak and it was served, so no qualms there.

The portions are very satisfactory and we almost had no place for dessert - but who can say no the 'Death by Chocolate' here? It is really death by chocolate and I cannot eat the whole thing because it starts to hit me, but chocolate lovers who can die in chocolates would love this. It is chocolate in a chocolate shell drenched in chocolate sauce - yes, chocolate all the way.

I am glad we tried Tangerine that night because, steaks were dying in Chennai. Very few places have a good steak and I am glad that Tangerine is serving up some excellent ones. The place was not full on a Saturday evening, but there was a floating crowd, yes. Service was quick and attentive and the waiters seemed to know the menu well and were able to recommend based on your requirements. I am not a big fan of the sizzlers served on a bed of rice at Tangerine - we told the waiter that. He said he will bring the lamb steak without the bed of rice and brought it separately. The meal cost us Rs 1495.


Tangerine is in Alwarpet. Take the road next to Chola Sheraton and drive all the way down, take the right at the end and you will find it on your right.

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