In the quest for a new place to eat, my colleague and me set out and spotted this next to our laptop service center and decided to give it a shot! A guy with a nice warm smile and an eagerness to sell was at the counter and was making suggestions on what was best there. We went with his recommendations - a grilled lamb burger and a grilled chicken burger!

We were seated and he called us when the order was ready. One was a combo with fries and an iced tea (for which I paid Rs. 25 extra as the combo originally had coke in it) and the other was just the burger. The lamb burger was better than the chicken one and both were reasonably ok. The grilled chicken had just lettuce in it, while the lamb had some tomato and onion too. So, we have another burger/chicken joint in town. Prices are similar to other joints - the burgers were priced between 70 and 110 and the combos were between 150 and 200.


Looks like there are many such outlets, but we were at the outlet next to SIET college, Teynampet.