D Cafe

When we were talking about places to chill out and read a book in Chennai, D cafe was suddenly brought out by a couple of friends. So my colleague and me decided to try it one day for lunch and we set out. Half the property is not complete yet, rather the front portion is not complete yet. But whatever was completed was excellent. Both of us loved the ambiance - a part outdoor and part indoor with a little greenery and comfortable seating on couches - loved it!!!!

We asked for the menu and it was extensive. Coffee was not available that day and so we settled for one sandwich and one pizza! The food was disappointing to say the least. The sandwich was served without any fries or coleslaw - just a long bread with an average tasting chicken inside. The pizzas were very home style and equally average - in fact we saw the oven from which it came out and my oven at home is definitely better!!!

Maybe these are teething problems, but since the ambiance is excellent if they improve the food, it should be another Amethyst, albeit a smaller one, in the making!


D Cafe is on Bazullah Road, T. Nagar.