Camembert Cheese Dip

Ok, disclaimer - This is not for everybody!!!!

The reason, I started with a disclaimer is that eating cheese without spreading it on some form of bread - either a bread slice or top of a pizza is not to everybody's taste. But in places abroad, cheese is even served a course in a meal. I am one of those people who loves cheese enough to eat it as a course, but my knowledge of cheese is very limited as I have not traveled enough to master too many types of cheese and I don't like to learn too much by only reading without experiencing it. But this recipe is one of the most simple ones made from one of my favourite cheeses - the camembert cheese.

Camembert cheese was introduced to me by a friend/colleague from my previous company and I was smashed! When I happened to visit Paris, we did one course in a meal that had only cheese and Camembert was there too. Its a super soft, creamy cheese with a thick rind on the outside and comes in circles. When my friend and me were discussing this, he said that his mother in law was coming from England and offered to get me a couple of those. The camembert made from our local farms in Kodai are not upto the mark and though I have tried with those, I did not feel like writing about it. The imported stuff available in India is very expensive - I saw one in a gourmet store priced at Rs 595, so when my friend offered to get it in exchange for this simple recipe, it was a no-brainer for me!

So, camembert has to be had in room temperature and not taken straight out of the fridge. The rind will have a slight saltish after taste and will be thick while the inside will simply melt in your mouth.

1 box of Camembert cheese
1 garlic
2 tsp oregano/thyme/mixed herbs
1 tsp olive oil
A few slices of bread

For this recipe, take the whole camembert from the fridge, take the cheese from the traditional wooden box and take out the wrapper. You will see the thick rind on top. Poke 7-8 holes in it. Take a few pods of garlic and push it into the holes you made on the cheese. Leave 1 or 2 pods of garlic for the bread. Along with the garlic, you could insert some oregano or herb of choice into it. Sprinkle the rest of the herbs on top of the rind and splash olive oil on top. Put it into a pre heated over at 200ºc for about 7-10 minutes depending on how long it took you do this process after you took the cheese from the fridge.

Roast some garlic in a pan and smash it as much as possible (but do not add water) and in a separate microwaveable dish, put the butter and this thin garlic slices and put in the microwave till the butter is fully melted and becomes a liquid. Smear this on the bread and toast it!

You will have some garlic bread with a camembert cheese dip! Slurp!

But if you don't like it, remember the disclaimer. But that should not stop you from trying this at least once!