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Cake Walk - Rebirth

My early memories of Cake Walk date back to the 90's, when Cake Walk was a small outlet on Pantheon Road where my birthday cake was made for the first time from there. Bossotto Bros was the place it was always made and my uncle wanted a change and recommended Cake Walk. Then I don't remember what happened to it until I saw it opp my gym on Montieth Road (opp Ambassador Pallava Hotel) and it was there for a long time. They even tried their hand at a restaurant, but failed miserably and they went back to serving cakes and short eats. After some bad experiences at French Loaf, I started going back to Cake Walk and found their cakes to be excellent, not very exotic, but excellent.

And then I spotted the new Cake Walk on Sterling Road and after my sister packed home a wonderful chicken sandwich from there, my friend and me decided to test it out. The ambiance was elegant making it a good bistro, with the self service counters with the savouries, two counters with the cakes and a sandwiches/burgers/pizzas/fries to order. We were rather hungry after missing lunch, we decided to share a sandwich and two cakes. I ordered the wrong sandwich - a chicken club sandwich which was very simple and not so tasty, compared to the previous night when the sandwich was excellent - apparently that was the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The cakes were comforting - we had an Oreo Cheese Cake and a Black Forest, both of which were nice, but certainly not outstanding.

The service, though, was quite carefree for those seated there. It was slow, not very attentive and quite lazy to say the least. But I guess, this was meant to be a laid back self service bistro and it shows. But for the number of people standing behind the counters, service should have been better and more courteous.


The new Cake Walk is located on Sterling Road (the road opp Loyola College) at the Kothari Road corner.


  1. They let you take pics? They were very rude when we wanted to join tables, we were 6 of us and when we joined the tables they said we were obstructing their business. DUH! and food was mediocre!

  2. LOL, I can so imagine them doing that. The chicken sandwich that was brought home the previous night was outstanding. But, others were ok, but not bad. The two cakes were comforting and nice. Maybe I should go back and see how it is.

  3. If i cant bake,we order all our birthday cakes from cake walk,besant nagar (more than a decade now),i simply their pastries .Nothing else is worth to talk about :)

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  5. The two cakes were comforting and nice. Nice blog.

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