the Pasta Bar Venetto

This is one of the most difficult places to write about. The first time I went there, in 2010, I thought it was a decent place for a meal, not too good, not too bad and I had rated it 7/10 (old rating style) for the food. I went there a few times and the place has been kind to me. Then I was asked to review this place by a magazine and I was told that it was a discreet review, but it turned out that the owners knew about it. The food that night was fantastic! I went there a couple of times after that and food was back to decent - not too great, not too bad! But almost every review I read was contradictory to mine. At one point, I thought I was the only one who liked Pasta Bar!

A couple of weeks back, the Chennai Food Guide had arranged a meeting at the Pasta bar and some of the stuff served there was excellent. I met the owners and the passion and knowledge they have about the food was overwhelming. One of the owners, Bipin, I thought could compete with Andrew Zimmerman and Vir Sanghvi put together!!!! I told them that I would tell them when I go back, but I did not! I went there without CFG, without the owners knowing I was there and just my friend and me! We ordered some of the dishes that were served on the night of the CFG meet to check the merits of this restaurant that does not do Rome delivery!!!

The Chicken Sausage in Spicy Masala was excellent! It is a rather unique blend of the Continental Cuts with an Indianish Sauce. We had one pizza - the fungi veg pizza, which turned out be really nice! It was great the other day and it was super nice today. And then Alpana Chicken pasta - a spagetti with chicken and drizzled with loads of cheese - a delight! We were stuffed by now and saved the last bit of space for the Pasta Bar hero - the mud pie!!! It was excellent as always!

So I don't know if I am jinxed in a good way with the Pasta Bar, but it has been good to me. I would rate my experience here a 3.5/5! Except for the first time when I tried their Egmore outlet, every other time I have only been to their Burkitt Road outlet.

So, if it has been bad to you, maybe it is worth trying out once more before you give up!

The owners are willing to listen to you, so if something goes wrong, ping Bipin at 9840035241. I don't have the contact of the other owner Vinod, but you can ask them!

I did not have my camera and the pictures are from the CFG meet.

the Pasta Bar is located on Burkitt Road, on the two way part of the road from T. Nagar.