L'attitude, Mahabs!

So a big bunch of us were heading to Pondy and were near Mahabs during lunch time and just before we entered Mahabs, we spotted L'Attitude, a work in progress, resort. The only thing functional right now is the restaurant and a beautiful lobby and we decided to get lunch here.

The place was packed for their lunch buffet and diners were slowly heading out and we were seated in about 5 minutes. The order was - two fruit juices, a chicken parmigiana,  three butter naans, a chicken fried rice, two gravies - a chicken tikka masala and a era poricha curry (prawn fry gravy) and four desserts!

Food was outstanding! I know all of the foods we ordered were simple, but the chicken tikka masala and the prawn gravies were superb. The naans disappeared faster than they landed on the tables, the chicken parmigiana was alright and the fried rice was perfectly flavoured. We then ordered a tangdi kebab for the side and the three pieces were just as brilliant as the other dishes. For dessert, we had gulab jamun, which was so hot that two unsuspecting members burnt their tongues - there was no smoke and they tried to put the whole thing in their mouth. If it was the US, they could have been candidate for a legal battle, but well.......The kesari rasamalai was outstanding, we ordered two more portions as everybody loved it. The desserts disappeared before I had a chance to capture them on cam, so, sorry!!!

4/5 for the food - it was a Saturday, it was packed when we entered at 245, but was empty when we left by 415 and right throughout, the service was impeccable and with a smile! The total damages for the group was Rs 2800 and no service charge was consumed automatically - love that they respect you and let you decide how much you want to tip and we tipped well.

The rest of the resort is under construction and by the looks of it, it might be a wonderful resort!!!!

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