Kryptos Lunch Buffet

'Don't judge a restaurant by it's buffet' is something I learnt long back. I have been to places with pathetic buffets, but otherwise good food and I usually don't do buffets in places with exotic cuisines! Of course, things have changed in a lot of restaurants recently! But there was this offer on snapdeal - a lunch buffet worth Rs 550 for Rs 350 and I thought why not! Apparently many people did the same thing and so a big bunch of us were at Kryptos to check out their lunch buffet!!

Disappointing is the only word I can think of!

Now, I love Greek cuisine. Even a year or so back, I have had some wonderful dishes at this very restaurant - some superb souvlaki and gyros and baklava. Not that I expected any of those on the buffet, but the buffet was disappointing beyond taste! The salad bar was the only saving grace - if you like salads that is! If you don't, then, well, you might come out cursing the restaurant! The hummus was excellent and a couple of starters served on the table were decent. The soup was bad! The main courses were bad - the lamb was cold, the chicken was the only thing edible on the buffet, the beef was like chewing leather (no, I have not chewed leather before, but I am pretty sure this is how it would be), the bake was alright and the so on.

Oh, there was another saving grace, in fact more than a saving grace - the desserts. Though there was no baklava, the five or so desserts that were there were all very very nice.

I won't pay Rs 550 for this buffet and now I won't pay Rs 350 either for the buffet. Luckily for me, my friend paid for the lunch! Do yourself a favour, cross the road and eat at Tuscana. The money goes to the same owner as he owns both, but you will feel so much better with the food. Or, even better, go to Kryptos and order a-la-carte, if you want to try good cypriot cuisine! Get some gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita and baklava and have proper lunch or dinner there - you might not regret that!

Kryptos is a good restaurant with a bad buffet!