Dessert Studio

A nice place on KNK road, with ample parking and within the premises of a huge bungalow - all make up for the setting of a nice place. 4 of us walked in on Sunday night, the place was almost full and it took us a few minutes to get seated. The guy in the counter was very helpful and suggested what sells most in their outlet et all! After a heavy dinner, we ordered one crepe with ice cream and one waffle with ice cream and we thought we could order more later.

Both were very average. They have stuff from three brands only and the pancake and waffles were very floury and I don't know how to describe this 'Bad'. It just was!

My friends who have visited this place before had warned that it is not great and now I can see why. But then, why is such a place packed? Maybe we all had bad days? Should I go back and try something else here?


If you plan to go and know where this place is, good for you, if you don't, I am not telling you! Will tell you if I go back and get something good! I mean, how can you mess up a waffle? What is there to mess it up? I understand that waffles need not be great all the time and making a great waffle takes something, but can you mess it up?