Costa comes to Chennai

Phew! Finally!!! These words filled my thoughts when I saw the 'Costa Coffee - Coming Soon' banner on Harrington Road, a few months back. I love Costa and I think they serve great coffee. Around the world, Costa's coffee and short eats in their chilled out seating, are a nice detour from local specialty cuisines! In Bangalore, the coffees from Costa are nice, but the short eats are very bad compared out outlets outside India.

The ambiance at Chennai's Costa is very nice. A spacious outdoor seating in a reasonably less polluted road in Chennai (though that is changing by the minute) and good indoor seating welcome you before you place your order. On my first visit, we had a berry blast cold coffee, a raspberry iced tea. two short eats - a masala chicken pie (not 100% sure of the name) & Lebanese Chicken pie and a sweet dish.

The Berry Blast cold coffee hit the perfect spot between the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of the berry (I think there was only strawberry inside). Simply loved that coffee. The iced tea was very typical - overdose of sweetness and flavour of the raspberry and very little flavour of tea! The short eats were very so-so. On my second visit with another friend, I asked for a cold coffee with hazelnuts and cream, while he took my recommendation and had the berry blast, and loved it. My coffee was average, his smoked chicken sandwich was average, but the oreo brownie we had was superb.

So looks like the berry blast is going to be my regular coffee here and I will have to try out other short eats to see if I like anything specific, but I wish Costa would improve that part of it, not just in Chennai, but all over India.

But yeah, Costa has arrived in Chennai, finally! Phew!

4/5 for the coffee and 3/5 for the rest. So averages out at 3.5 stars for me!

Costa Coffee has set up it's first outlet on Harrington Road, Chetput.

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