Sam's Pizza

From the time this fellow moved from OMR to Nungambakkam, I have to keep hearing about how this is nearby and that is walkable and KNK road is next door and how he is in the middle of everywhere and how he can wake up at 830 and come to office at 9 am and so on!!!! When other colleagues were out somewhere else, and we knew Moti Mahal had this fabulous lunch combo, we headed there, since it was 'walkable' for him from his house. Why that makes sense when we have to get back to work, I don't know, but we went.

And we saw the Sam's Pizza, unlimited buffet and walked in instead of Moti Mahal. 26 varieties of salads, 3 soups, garlic bread, 2 varieties of pizzas (2 different pizzas for veg and non veg) and a single serving of dessert was on offer for Rs 250! It was too good to miss a try and we found the place packed for lunch.  After a 5 minute table cleaning wait, we were seated and asked to enjoy our meal. We decided to take one veg and one non veg so that we get to taste all four pizzas.

Salads - if you like salads, by the sheer volume of varieties, you are bound to like one or two. I liked four of them. The soups were watered down, but the tomato soup was reasonably good! For veg, we had a margarita and a simply veg pizza, for the non veg we had a chicken salami and another pizza. The pizzas were simple and reasonably tasty once you add the sauces, but the margarita when it came hot was pretty good. The garlic bread was a good accompaniment esp for the soup! A tiny brownie and ice cream (single serving) came out and it was very doughy.

The bill was Rs 525 (the rest were taxes). If you are looking for lots of food for lunch and sleep afterwards, this is not a bad idea!!! Not the best pizzas or salads in town, but value for money!!!!

3/5 is my rating for this place!!!

Sam's Pizza is on Jaganathan Salai, (the left next to KFC on Nungambakkam High Road), in the same complex as Moti Mahal.

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