Movenpick is back!

My tryst with Movenpick was like everybody else's! Started off great, then went downhill, then a friend took me there and I loved the ice cream and then service was bad and then it shut down!!!! A few days back when we were driving down, we spotted Movenpick on Nungambakkam High Road and we all wanted to test it out, so after a dinner meet, we landed here for some ice cream. Interiors are smartly done, with seating for about 30, but a cramped 30!!!!

After tasting a few ice creams, we settled for one Raspberry Strawberry ice cream which was nice, but a little sour, nice nevertheless if you like those flavours. We asked for a mini pancake with ice cream for which we chose my favourite Movenpick flavour - the maple walnut! It was brilliant - the pancake was nicely flavoured, there was some maple syrup on it (not the real one, but the 2% one)! We also got ourselves a Belgian waffle with Cappuccino ice cream. The waffle not even close to Belgian, but was nice! The cappuccino ice cream was excellent, will probably replace Belgian Waffle as my favourite in Movenpick!!!

The pricing is very funny - the single scoop was priced at Rs 150, but the mini pancake was priced at Rs 175 (plus tax, it was Rs 200), the waffle with ice cream was priced at Rs 250 (plus tax), so the total was Rs 650, so it makes it worthwhile to order a mini pancake or waffle price wise!!!


The new Movenpick is located opp Khader Nawaz Khan road!!