Make me a Master Cook!

t is not everyday that you get to watch a super talented person cook out a meal! What if this person is talented enough to be the MasterChef India's runner up?

This Saturday, the 9th of March, as an part of the Women's Day celebrations, Adoniya (yeah, the same one that dishes out exquisite cupcakes for all and fashion stuff for women) is bringing down Shazia Khan to Chennai!

Shazia calls herself a dreamer who knows what she wants! That appears to be right, for she is involved in her family business of running educational institutions in Bangalore, does her bit for the society via her 'Anubhava Shiksha Kendra' an educational wing for under privileged children AND then goes on to be the runner up at a MasterChef!!!! "My father was a great cook and an even better host" she says remembering her late father "so, it is only natural that I inherit some of it" in all modesty! But she is quick to admit that she learnt most of the cooking from her mother in law in whom she found a mentor, guide and friend who taught her things in both the kitchen and in life!  Like most great cooks, cooking is a stress buster for her and also like most people who make it big in their profession, has had no formal training in cooking!

That is enough of knowing her and if you want to see her in action, going to be in Chennai on the 9th (or willing to fly down) and if you have not yet picked up your tickets, then, know what to do!