Icarus Dhaba and Bhangra School

I will stick to the Dhaba part. A year or so back, a friend of mine took me there for lunch and we came out feeling disgusted. The curd was spoilt, the chicken was tasteless and everything went wrong, but every person who has been there had only good things to say about the place. So on a very nasty work Thursday, three of us decided to go to Delhi Highway and glutton our way out of stress, but imagine our surprise when the waiter said "Yes sir, pure vegetarian". We walked out and the same friend, suggested we try Icarus again.

So we were there and the old man waved to my friend. Apparently they have history which is best not written here! We told him that we had a bad time and we are coming back after a year. "Everything will be good sir, I promise" he said. At one point, my blog writing was "Wow, Punjabi food run by a Punjabi family and so it was authentic and blah", but today I cannot think of any Dhaba run by a non Punjabi. So being run by Punjabi is no guarantee that the dhaba will be good.

The food, this time around, was very good. The lassi, which two of us ordered was thick, sweet and tasty, my friend's order of buttermilk order was very nice too, nice and spicy. We had only one starter - the achari chicken, which had much lesser achari than I would have liked, but, as a dish it was good! Then came the best dish of the day - the aloo paratha. There was something about it that was nice, a nice smooth potato stuffing and well done overall. The pudina paratha was also pretty good and flavourful, but the egg paratha was pretty average. No worries as we all went overboard on the aloo paratha with curd and pickle! We finished off with a almond kheer which was very watery, but tasty and a kesar badam kulfi which was very good! Apparently both are home made!

The damages for all of this was Rs 650.

And I would rate this experience a 3.5/5. And if you want to learn to shake a leg, Punjabi style, then they have that too!

Don't Miss - The Aloo Paratha!!!

Icarus Dhaba is on the second floor of the building that houses a supermarket at the junction between Pantheon Road and Montieth Road in Egmore, bang opp the Egmore Museum.

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