Though Indo Chinese has been around long enough, sometimes, my gang craves for "Chinese" food. The way things are moving, I won't be surprised if Indo Chinese gets included into (the already varied) Indian cuisine. For some people I know, it is almost home food - "My wife makes the same Chicken Manchuri (yes, Manchuri without the "an") and fried rice for dinner" is not very uncommon these days among my patients. Is that why they have a need to go to the doctor? Well, that is a different debate altogether!!!! It is now common knowledge that Manchurian is not really a Chinese dish, but definitely it is an Indo Chinese dish and nobody can question its place there!!!!

But since it is common, the quality, taste and everything about it has taken a beating!!!! Chinese eat outs have lost out on taste big time, which is why I believe that even Indo Chinese is now an exclusive art!!!!! But there is one place which has been consistent since the time I started eating "Chinese" - Cascade!!!  So we went back there after a long time and did not regret it!!!

Started with their usual "ANDA" sized soup bowls and three of us shared a chicken lung fung soup, while two others shared a tom yum. They did not like their soup, while we loved ours!!!! We wanted to keep the meal light, so we got just one rice for the 5 of us, 1 gravy, but went overboard on the starters, four of them to be precise. The dish which had chicken wrapped around prawns was super - flavours of both the chicken and the prawn were balanced well. We also had nice chicken dimsums, a pepper chicken fry and a dragon chicken, so we got to taste quite a few dishes. The fried rice with the Hung Chicken gravy, courtesy the Cascade Portions, was just enough to fill the little spaces left!

Of course, there was space for dessert, so we had a brownie with ice cream, a wonderful chocolate litchi and a reasonably good mango pudding!!!! And the bill also came with dessert and for all of the above dishes plus a chilly prawn fry for home, the damage was Rs 2650!!! Pretty decent!!!

3.5/5 as the food is good, but not extraordinary, but this is a safe place to go to!!!!

Cascade is on KNK road, but there is also a branch inside Sabari Inn, T. Nagar and somewhere in Besant Nagar, but we stick to the Nungambakkam branch!!!!