Don Pepe

Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines! I have had some fantastic Mexican food and somehow it trumps all other cuisines for me, even though Mediterranean, Indian and Italian are all on the list. But Tex Mex is a toned down version of Mexican and since I love the flavours of Mexican so much, Tex Mex is doable. While the differences may not be as vast as Authentic Chinese vs Indo Chinese, Tex Mex is a little different from Mexican, but the flavours are similar!

And then some days there is a severe craving for Mexican food. And Chennai has none. When you read another blog about Tex Mex, this craving gets worse and then one day it almost bursts. And then you get a scapegoat to join you for dinner and that is the story of the two of us entering Don Pepe after almost two years. Two bad experiences with almost no Mexican flavours was enough to dump the place, but then, like written above, the craving just got real bad!

But the food turned out real good! Since we were only two of us, we ordered for Lamb Nachos and a Chicken Fajita (Pronounced Faa-hee-taa). As typical of Tex Mex, there were more chips and more refried beans than the Mexican version, but the taste was superb. Flavours were, though not spot on, reasonably close, close enough to douse the cravings! The fajita here is served on a sizzler and the tortillas (tor-tee-aahs) are served separate, so you make your own fajita. Take the tortilla, fill it with how much ever chicken, beans, fries you want, pour the salsa and sour cream, fold it and you have it!!!!! The salsa was reasonably close, but the sour cream was very thin!

So, yeah, flavours were reasonably close and we skipped dessert because we were heading to the new Haagen Dazs, but, otherwise, the service was quick and attentive. For these two dishes we paid Rs 675 in total! We spend more than 1K at Haagen Dasz for dessert for three people, but that is another story altogether.....and it was a treat!!!!!

This is difficult to rate because there is hardly any benchmark. The closest, cuisine wise, Texas Fiesta is quite far away. So independently, let us just say that this is a good place to eat. Ok 3.75/5

Don Pepe is located on RK Salai, opp Chola Sheraton!

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