Pizza Republic - a report!

For sometime on the food forums, Pizza Republic has been making a lot of noise! The owner was on the forums and was interacting actively and suddenly every scroll of the mouse or every click landed me somewhere which had something to do with Pizza Republic. And since it was far off (yes, in that part of the city), I never had a chance to visit them. Within a few weeks, I heard that they are opening another branch at Moggapair (it is equally far) and my cousin and a friend decided to check out the place. Since he offered to drive, I had no excuse to not go, so I landed my car in his house and hopped onto his for a ride and we landed there.

The next 45 minutes were nothing short of a disaster. Everything I heard about Pizza Republic came crumbling down. Toppings were missing, pasta was overcooked, pizzas were burnt and flavours were outright bad! My jinx with Pizza Republic continued and I just made one comment on the CFG forum, paid and we all left, waiting outside for my friend's takeaway pizza to come. And we waited and waited.........

And the next 15 minutes were nothing short of a miracle! The owner had seen the post on Facebook, asked us what went wrong, confirmed the same with his staff and we were refunded the full money inspite of us insisting that we will take back the money ONLY for the pizza that did not come, which was the takeaway. But they insisted that they screwed up our dinner, acknowledged that it was a big mess and refused to take no for an answer from our end and refunded our money in full.

To make up for this, they sent us all a free pizza delivered individually, mine landed at my office! That pizza was one hell of a pizza and for the first time I realised what Pizza Republic's pizza was all about. There was nothing I could complain about. A week later, we went back there as part of the forum to check out pizzas and what can I say - these are amazing pizzas at the price. Since you choose your base, your sauce, your topping, you pretty much decide how much your pizza costs, but typically between Rs 200 and 300, you can have superb 9" pizzas and for a little more, you can have exotic toppings like tiger prawns and the likes.

Knowing fully well that if you are not satisfied, you will not be charged is a wonderful feeling. I went back another day for another pizza and came back feeling yummmmmmmmmmm. The service is not the best in the world, but hey, this is a really low end restaurant serving top notch pizzas. Being new, the owner posts on food forums that he is working hard on the service.

Their website is not ready, but till then you can get in touch at and see if they will deliver pizzas home or if you have to move your backside to taste these pizzas!!!! They will be well worth the try and if they are not, you can be rest assured that you will be taken care of!

Pizza Republic ranks a 3.5/5 for me on the overall experience and if it was closer, I would be visiting them a lot more often. I hear Egmore and a few other localities are getting their share of this republic soon, so waiting!!