Dessert Safari

If the sweets during this festive season were not enough or if you are missing those sweets and feel like having some more before you become all good and health conscious, head to Dessert Safari on Eldams road ASAP! After a nice relaxing weekend, we spotted Dessert Safari on our way back and decided to step in and take a look. The place was very eclectic at first glance and the cutlery was classy. They had three different spoons, a fork and the works of a fine dine restaurant, cutlery spread wise!

The desserts looked very yummy, but when the waiter suggested we try out their savoury stuff, I was skeptical. Why should a place dedicated to desserts have chicken and puff and the likes on their menu? Is it another place that was not good enough to serve desserts that they had to depend on savoury stuff to survive? As these thoughts were going through my mind, I spotted a dish called "Strawberry crumb fried chicken". We placed an order for that and started drooling at the desserts on display and picked up a Peanut Butter Eclair and Mango Mousse. The chicken was perfect - it had a tinge of strawberry flavour on the crumbs and strawberry dressing to go with it. It was bliss!!!!

The peanut butter eclair was nice, but the eclair part of it was not like a great eclair, but the stuffing more than made up for it. The Mango mousse was very typical, no surprises and nice. We liked what we ate so far that we went back to the dessert counter and picked up a fruit tart and a tiramisu! The chocolate fruit tart was tiny, but came with two pieces and was super tasty, while the tiramisu was nice with a dense coffee flavour and was served in a glass!

The damages for all of the above was Rs 580, prices are inclusive of all taxes and I did not see a service charge, so kudos to them for that! I love restaurants that do this! The place is relatively new and service was very attentive since we were the only people there, but I hope they keep up the good work! I would want to go back and try some other stuff soon!

I would rate this experience 4/5

The strawberry crumb fried chicken is a must try, even if you don't like chicken sweet, it is worth giving it a shot!

Dessert Safari is on Eldams Road (The road perpendicular to TTK road which connects to Mount Road near the Teynampet Signal)

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