Haagen Dazs arrives in town!

Haagen Dazs has made its entry into Chennai, finally!

I love Haagen Dazs sundaes but was never a big fan of their single (or double) scoops! Since Haagen Dazs thought Chennai was not ready for them, we could only have their ice creams bought out of a super market, but as I was never a big fan and they were always expensive and for me, I preferred having them in the Haagen Dazs ice cream bars worldwide as sundaes rather than out of the box. There always were (and still are) other options for eating ice cream at home in front of the TV.

And so I am glad that Haagen Dazs, the restaurant, has arrived in Chennai. I expected the prices to be a lot more, but considering places like Amadora charge similarly, I was rather surprised to see single scoops priced at Rs 180 odd and sundaes at Rs 350 odd!

We were there for the launch and tasted a few flavours. The universal opinion was that Belgian Chocolate was outstanding, probably the closest competitor to my favourite all time favourite - The Bavarian Chocolate at Baskin Robbins! The Swiss Cheesecake was really nice, but some other flavours are better in competing brands - cookies and cream for example!

But back to the contention that for me, the Haagen Dazs outlets are not about single scoops, but they are a premium sundaes special and for that, they are really good. We had flat crisp waffle with sorbets and melted chocolate poured on top which tasted great, the cupcakes, which have a base of a muffin (I think) with sorbets shaped like a cup cake which were all super nice and the best of them all was the Chocolate Fondue with a variety of things to dip - superb!

If you are going to go there for a single scoop of ice cream, you might come out feeling 'Why did I pay so much?', but if you like Sundaes, you have one more place in Chennai to go to, and a premium place at that!

I will try out a few more sundaes, their waffles, cookies and will report back, but from first impressions, this will probably be a nice dessert studio to the growing Chennai Food Scene!

Where else for a premium brand in Chennai but the Khader Nawaz Khan road! It is located in the same building that houses Cascade, Tony & Guy, Calvin Klein etc.