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Bakers Showcase - 3

I have been to the second edition and it was amazing - the sheer number of bakers and their baked goods were overwhelming! Unfortunately, I will be out of town and if you liked baked stuff, get yourself to the Baker's Showcase! I am pretty sure it will be just as good or maybe even better than the last edition. I am rueing missing this out, but I really have to be someplace out of Chennai!

If previous experience has taught me anything, it was the fact that you need to get here early! Within the first hour, most of the wonderful stuff gets sold! We normally use the term 'sold like hot cakes', but I am not sure what phrase to use here because they are hot cakes!!!!


  1. Sad that you would be missing out...its going to be a real fun gala this time...more stalls, more variety, music, and more than the typical baked desserts that Chennai has seen thus far! Complete first-time bakers versus super experienced cooks and bakers this time...its going to be one hell of an event! Am enjoying doing the baker write ups since its a nice mix of people and talents. Do pop in and read up on some of them, take notes for the next showcase well in advance on whose stall you would stop by :)


  2. Yup, I am pretty sad too! Will definitely read up on the talents and hopefully I can meet a few of them next time!!!