Festive Special -Vani Mahal Sabha Lunch!!!!!!

Its the music season in Chennai!!!! Apparently, it holds the record for the longest music season in the world, a statistic that I am not planning to check and continue to hope that it is true. So the sabhas are full with music and when you come to listen to music and between sessions need a break, most of us will head out for lunch or snacks. So at lunch, snack and dinner time, during the music festival, the sabas serve lunch. But how do sabhas serve lunch? They out source it to good catering companies!

The sabhas are visited by parents of the singers and many a times are on the look out for a suitable life partner for their children or already found someone and the wedding is around the corner. They come for lunch, check out the service and food quality of the caterer and presto, they book them for the wedding. So the caterers in the sabhas put their best food forward!!!

People like us use this opportunity to get superb food!

So a bunch of 18 of us from CFG headed out to Vani Mahal on Saturday for lunch headed by Mr Mani GVS himself. Simple Tam Bram wedding lunch, veg of course, but food that is almost home like! Appalams, Vadams, Rice with podi and ghee, great sambar, even better rasam, superb curd, two poriyals, and a nice kesari summed up the meal. All of this for Rs 125 and unlimited. And served only during the music season.

I heard that from 430 onwards, you get great snacks too, so I am planning to head out and try that too. Will report if I do!

But don't even consider working after this lunch! In fact, I would consider not driving too! You will want to sleep as if there is no tomorrow!

The food was a 3.5/5! Nothing fancy, because it was not meant to be! But the experience was much better because we a huge group on a food attack mode!!!!

Vani Mahal is on G N Chetty road, opp the entry to Residency.

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