Opal Inn

What do you do when one out of the way lunch leaves you wanting more!?! You skip the routine, again, and land up at another restaurant for lunch. So after the BBQ Chicken episode which left two of us happy and two very unhappy, we decided to land our back sides at Opal Inn, a place that everyone is comfortable with!

Again, we cut straight to the chase and ordered four main courses, each a meal by itself. While we were enquiring about the grilled chicken the waiter said "Its good sir, but you should try the fish, the grilled fish is better". I asked about the diamond grill, my one time favorite at Opal Inn and he said, "That is our specialty sir, but you should try the grilled fish, it is excellent". My friend asked about the Beef Goulash and guess what - the fish was fresh and so apparently excellent! Two of my friends kept the menu aside and said 'Ok, just get me the grilled fish', while I asked for the diamond grill and the other guy asked for the Beef Goulash! We were talking about how the waiter managed to push the most expensive item on the menu, at Rs 440 a piece, to us!

But when the fish arrived, the other two of us were making faces! The tasting portion that was allowed by the other two guys was superb! I don't know if this is how it usually is or if the fish was particularly fresh that day, but it was outstanding! My diamond gril, which by the way is nothing but grilled lamb served with rice and a salad was good as usual and the beef goulash was another nice dish, though served with only rice, the fish was a major distraction. It was served on a sizzler with salads, garlic bread, salad and more of the grill sauce to dip and was the star of the day.

For the price, the portions are huge! There is a heafty amount of rice and if you manage to eat it all, like we did, there is no way we could work! By evening we were debating if we should have ordered two starters and shared two main courses and I skipped dinner! But my appetite is on the downside right now, however, the portions are fairly good. The bill was Rs 2150, so the Rs 440 had a tax and a service charge additional to it and no matter how much I hate the fact that it is not on the menu and I have to do the math to see how much a dish actually costs, it is a practice that is here to stay!!!! But yeah, the fish's actual cost came down to Rs 500!!!!

The experience was 3.5/5 for me, but the after experience was 2/5. I would not do this for lunch unless I have nothing to do afterwards!!! Or share!!!! And please excuse the poor quality pictures, when I am out for a work lunch, no fancy DSLR around and phone cannot handle low light very well!!!

Opal Inn is located in the premises of Ranjith Hotels, on Nungambakkam High Road (diag opp Ishpahani Center)