Ecstacy, Satyam

It has been ages since I visited Esctacy and so when my friend and me wanted of catch up for dessert, we landed there pretty late, almost close to closing time. The fact that we were there the previous day only to see most of the stuff sold out and went away disappointed did not teach me a lesson to go early, but.........

So we got ourselves a cheese cake and a dish which I don't remember the name of. The blueberry cheese cake was really nice, but somehow, I thought the one at Sandy was a tinge better, not by much, but just a tinge! Loved the way it was served though, in a nice glass bar! But the other dessert, a chilly chocolate mousse cake (I forgot the real name), but excellent. Just a tinge of chilly, lots of chocolate with the heat of the chilly just hitting you as it passes through your throat. Both the ice creams that were served with the desserts complemented them extremely well.

A great place for some quick dessert.

Oh yeah, I spotted actor Vikram there with his family and if you are wondering why you see someone with a walkie talkie through the glass bowl, it was his security.

4/5 for Esctacy!

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