The Only Place, Bangalore

After another round of coffee at the Matteo coffee lounge on Church Street, we decided to go to The Only Place for dinner, because it came with very high recommendation from friends. So we walked down the road, then turned on Nokia maps and found our way only to realize that the place was rather packed! Since it was a little late and not having the mood to look for another place to eat, we decided to wait the ten minutes and were seated in a corner.

It's a nice little joint, with bits and pieces of greenery around, almost like a shack surrounded by a small garden. We ordered an iced tea, my friend ordered a veg lasagna, as it was his weekly day off from meat eating and sins cleansing, the other friend ordered a beef steak, thinking I will help him eat it and I ordered a Irani burger!

Food came out in about 10 minutes, but the portions were humongous. The burger was pretty large, nice soft patty, topped with grilled mushrooms and sauces which made it very very juicy. I saw a whopper burger being served to the next table and I was trying to see if it was bigger than my head! The lasagna was surprisingly good and none of us really missed meat in it, very well done, but American lasagna with the typical tomato overdose. The beef steak was super soft and juicy and made sure we did not have space for dessert.

And then the garden around the shack showed us some rats, big ones. Maybe if we saw those rats before we began our meal, we might have had second thoughts, but I hope those rats were only in the garden and not in the kitchen. Though I loved Ratatouille, the movie, I am not yet ready for a rat infested restaurant. But the food tasted great, so no complaints! The stomach did not create a fuss the following day and I didn't not get the plague or leptospirosis, so I guess the rats were only playing in the garden.

Only Place came with great recommendations from both my Chennai and Bangalore friends and it is a superb place to get huge portions of unhealthy, but tasty food! Service is decent and prices were around the Rs. 300 mark per dish on an average!

Its located just off MG road, go down the road that has the Empire Hotel and you will find it on your left.

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 8/10

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