Mahamudra, Isha Life

Somebody made a movie. Lots of people did not like it. They could not find the guy, so they were pelting stones at the consulate of the country of the guy who made the movie and the roads were blocked. People like me were not able to go to our usual place to have lunch! And that is how I landed in yet another vegetarian place for lunch! This time with my collegeue who swore by a restaurant and took me there.

But yet again, I was wowed by the place. The ambiance was excellent and on a weekday, the place was almost packed. The menu was brought and I felt like I was looking at the realty prices of Chennai. 'Its worth it' was my colleague's answer. So we got ourselves a vazhapoo vada to share, a bisi Bella bodhi for him and a pudina dosa for me. The vada was superb to say the least, at least when it is priced at Rs. 130, I was hoping it will be good and it was. The bisi bela bodhi was slightly different, the typical bisi bela bath, but with broken wheat instead of rice and it tasted alright, but my friend really enjoyed it. My dosa was pretty nice too. We got ourselves a musk melon juice after we saw it being served to many tables! It turned out nice, apparently they add honey instead of sugar!

Food was nice, ambiance was nice, but Rs. 400 odd for vada, dosa and rice was a little too much. Once in a while, it's good, but I am not going there for lunch everyday! I know it's a fine dine place et all, but still.......

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 7/10

Isha life is near the Isabella hospital, a little before the Sivagami Pethachi auditorium.
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