Ramzan Special Recipe - Belos

I can't remember how many people have asked me to post the recipe for Belos, a grandmom time dessert recipe of my family and I was rather surprised to not find anything under that name on the Internet. Maybe it's a name of a dish very limited to the village or surrounding area of Campellabad, down south or maybe it does not exist anywhere else. But when mom told me that this was a different version of fritters, the online search resulted in millions of returns!

When I told my mom that Belos needed to be posted she was like 'What? Really? There is no recipe. It's the easiest thing to make in the world'. I then found out that this was true and she was not just spreading mom wisdom, but it is really a very easy dish to make. I am just going to describe how to make it without trying to make it sound like a recipe.

4 medium sized bananas will serve about 3 people and you will need about 150 g of maida. Mix the bananas with the flour and knead with a little amount of water to make the mixture like a pakora frying mixture. 'Do not mash the banana first without the flour' warns the mom. 'it will get all watery and the final outcome will not be good'. I decided not to try it. Take the mixture and deep fry it till it is dark brown. Banana fritters ready.

Now, I am guessing that all of you who will try to make this, know some amount of cooking and making a jaggery syrup is not a big deal. My mom uses about two fist size pieces of jaggery, melts it adding some water and be sure not to let it simmer too much or else it will become sticky. It has to be almost like milk in thickness, but certainly not in color. It was also brought to my notice that a couple of crushed cardamom and a stick of cinnamon should be added to the jaggery syrup which will make the ordinary syrup, rather blissful!

It is generally served with the fritters soaked in the jaggery syrup, shaved coconut on top with some cream. Yeah, the home chef's answer to the Khubani meetha. Everyone who has tasted it so far has loved it and I hope this instruction is enough to make it the right way. It has no sugar, so for those who believe in sugar free, here goes!

Would like to hear what you think of it.

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