Latitude by Park

Going back to the Latitude after almost a couple of years turned out to be a wonderful culinary evening for my friend and me. We had skipped lunch due to a meeting and decided to have early dinner and so landed here after debating for quite a while. This a a rather expensive coffee shop type place, with it's own unique genre. Just a few tables, a nice cosy place upstairs which can seat a few people and is best for a group of 6-10 people and in general good food is a winner in Chennai. And this is no different.

Since we were both hungry, we ordered a 'Chicken soup for the hungry soul'. It turned out to be a chicken soup of the hungry village! A huge portion of soup, which after splitting one by two still turned out to be too much. It's a simple chicken broth loaded with brocolli, other veggies and boiled chicken. The portion is on par with the soups at Cascade! We then had nachos and a roast chicken daily special. The nachos, though tasted decent, was a let down, because, the nacho sauce, salsa and the refried mashed beans were heated straight from the refrigerator and served, not something that i would expect from the Park, but it was not cold and tasted decent, so we let go. The roast chicken was an outstanding dish, roasted to perfection, the sauce could have been a little more, but that takes nothing away from the dish.

My friend insisted on having desserts and after the first one, insisted on having one more. So we first had a New York cheese cake, not the best in the world, but certainly a very good one. This was followed by a triple chocolate dessert, which had a heavenly brownie, a little mousse and some chocolate and was superb!

It's an expensive coffee shop, but one that comes with fantastic food and polite service, you kind of wish that they had the space or Amethyst or the types. The total bill for all the five dishes above was Rs. 1199!

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

Latitude is located in the same premesis as Good Earth, on the road parallel to KNK road, Nungambakkam. It's the road adjacent to the building that hosts Deutche Bank.

What not to miss: Triple chocolate, thai salad, roast chicken and if you're not too critical, then the cheese cake.
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