Gizmo Menu@ Rhapsody, Marriott

When Marriott was advertising the new menu launch at their truly wonderful restobar, Rhapsody, they had a surprise for the eaters. I was invited to take a look a their new menu and I had no idea that a new menu had more then just new things to eat, so I was more than taken aback, when I was hande a large touch screen when I asked for the menu. You have information about the chef, his specialties, all the menu dishes with pictures and detail about what is in them and so on.

The ambiance at Rhapsody is nothing short of amazing for me. It's the perfect resto bar, with a well done bar seating and lighting on one side and a super classy restaurant on the other side. For occasions like the first date, the anniversary dinner or the likes, this is one of the finest places in Chennai, both food and ambiance wise. I miss the days when Rhapsody used to host jazz festivals, but well.......

After the surprise with the menu, the dinner had no surprises, just the wonderful food that Rhapsody is known for. The antipasti tasting portion is the best way to go, the non veg platter had some prawns, chicken, buffalo mozzarella which was amazing, some bread sticks, pinenut salad with greens and the likes. The brocolli soup that came along was a winner soup, just lovely and it was just the perfect appetizer without making me feel like a liquid tank waiting to use the rest room. The next course was chicken risotto and a chicken scallopine. I am not a big fan of risotto, but I really liked this basil flavored risotto, but the best dish of the night was the chicken scallopine, I don't know what all goes into it, but it was just the perfect dish. My vegetarian friend had the cannelloni bean ravioli and the ratatouille lasagna, both of which were pretty decent! The only dish I did not fancy that night was the lobster raviolini, it had a bit of a fishy odor to it and I do not like that.

For dessert, we had a wonderful ladyfinger biscuit which was apparently home mad (yeah, restaurant made), tiramisu and casatta, which in the tasting portions were just right and gave a fitting end to a wonderful meal. Prices are typically marriott pricing, so a classy meal for two should set you back by Rs. 2500 or so!

I borrowed photos from the hotel as there was no way I could shoot pictures in that lighting, the lighting is not for photographers but for classy dining, so if there are any special occasions coming up that involve some mushy stuff or really classy Italian dining, well, you have an option! If you can place your order straight from the toy they give you, that would be great, but till then.......

Food 8.5/10
Ambiance 9.5/10
Price 8/10

Marriott is on mount road, opp the old Sun TV office.

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