Simar, Punjabi Cuisine

At the pace in which restaurants are opening up at KNK road, what is already a food hub will start to become an overdose. At the new complex that came up a few months back and has a few not so great restaurants, the empty ground floor is now occupied by Simar, the punjabi cuisine restaurant thankfully, the only one in KNK road.

So being invited to check out the new restaurant, a bunch of us from CFG landed there. We had the chance to meet the owner and realized that the place is named after her. Greeted by exquisite interiors that involve charcoal paintings on the walls and very elegant interiors, we learn that she designed them and as is turns out, the menu too.

We were served some mango lassi that had more banana in it than either mango or lassi. And then came out the dishes, a chicken kalvi kebab, simply outstanding on that day. It's a nice boneless piece of chicken stuffed with some garlic and something else and grilled and it was a perfect blend of spices marinade that made it great. The fish lasuni kebab was decent, while the mutton sheek was pretty nice. The vegetarians were visibly disappointed with their starters, the veg sheek and the mushroom stuffed kebabs, but we carnivores had a good time. Then came a chicken chat salad, rather new for me,a typical indian salad which instead of having just peanuts, had chicken. Nice, but not great.

For main course, we got some roganjosh and some chicken curry to go with the peas pulao which I thought was very nice. We all enjoyed the garlic naan and the Lacha parota with the gravies, while the vegetarians seemed disappointed again, this time with dhal tadka, which frankly, I liked and the baignan bartha. The regular lassi that was served by now was not going to win any awards, immaterial of what the owner says.

For desserts we had a very very grainy rabdi and a sugar ball, oh wait, it was gulab jamun, but you wouldn't know the difference. This time the vegetarians and the carnivores were unanimous, finally.

This place has great interiors, great potential going by the non veg food, but based on the vegetarians' verdict, a lot of effort needs to go into the veg food. But we carnivores had a great time with the food and maybe once their teething period is over, we can expect some consistency in both.

Food 7.5/10
Ambiance 8.5/10
Price 8/10

Simar is on the ground floor of the building that hosts Yoko Sizzlers, 3 kingdoms and the likes.

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