Fusion 9

Whenever I think of a good restaurant, fusion 9 always skips my mind, but every time someones mentions it, I keep thinking of it as a very good restaurant that could have been great, but something is missing every time I eat there and that is why it skips my mind. So the launch of a new menu and a chance to catch up with the bloggers was enough reason to land myself there on a very busy work evening.

It did not start off great, and this is not the first time they are messing up my drink. I was offered an apple drink and what I got was appy fizz with slices of apple, sugar and few more condiments all of which made it a bad drink. The last time I was there, they messed up a simple iced tea! I mean, common.

Then the first starter came along and man, what a wonderful thought. Watermelon with cheese, I guess, fusion 9 takes the name quite seriously and they try it with the drinks with bad results, but with the food, it was perfect. I have never had watermelon with cheese and have never thought of the concept, but it was just about perfect. And then their signature dish, which has not gone off the new menu and I am pretty sure, it never will, the Tandoori Brocolli. This dish is a perfect overdose of cheese on brocolli and is probably the best fusion of a Superfood with Super tasty food. And another of their signature dishes, the jojoba kebab, one of my favorites here. Till now, the decisions were unanimous, 10/10. And then came the differences, I liked the Sicilian cakes, most others did not. I sort of did not like the lamb puffs called by some fancy name, some agreed but a couple of them liked it. The fish, the BASA skewers was really nice and the freshness of the fish added value to it. Others were not worth writing about. But the prawn chowder soup was super, just super. I loved the creaminess of the soup and the flavor was jus right.

Well, that was just starters. By this time, we were kind of wondering how to finish the main course marathon that was lined up. The pastas were both passé. A few months back, I had a cannelloni here, which was stuffed with chicken and it was great and given a chance I would have that, because otherwise the pasta dishes here are a little dry. Both pizzas were passé for me, but the folks liked the BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple. The grilled basa steak was outstanding and probably the best of the main course dishes. The vegetarian dishes were about ok, I must say that they have gotten their Thai flavors absolutely bang on. It tasted like the Thai red curry I had in Pattaya and Bangkok.

And then desserts, what wonderful cheese cake and german chocolate cakes and one spoon of them was enough to tell you that they are straight from Sandy's. I am not sure if it is a good thing or bad, but hey, desserts were good.

The ambiance at fusion 9 is pretty upmarket and for a weekday, the restaurant was almost packed. So, yeah, most people like Fusion 9 and me too and with a meal for two costing around Rs. 1500, this is one restaurant that will always be on my radar.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 8/10

Fusion 9 is located in the Quality Inn Aruna premesis on Sterling Road, Nungambakkam.

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