As soon as I heard that street food from Germany and France and the likes are coming to Chennai, I was excited. Having been to those countries and eating some great street food, I was really looking forward to the opening of Spoonbill and finally last Saturday, four of us landed there to check it out. Nice live kitchens and a partial self service concept, it was a nice and brightly decorated space. The only thing that resembles street food with the ambiance is the live kitchen.

So we placed order for a portion of chicken wurst with curry sauce, a burrito, a tuna and mayo crepe and after a friend arrived, more of the same. The sausages (as of now only chicken and lamb are available) and they tasted brilliant. Being served with a nice German bread, it is a nice meal at any part of the day. The owner was around and we learnt that they make their own sausages and they do not use binders, so it is 100% meat and the curry sauce is the one to go with, not mayo or mustard. The French part of the menu seems to have been perfected, so the crepes came out just brilliant. We landed up repeating most of our orders. You have the option of adding French fries and a drink to your order, but ordered separately, they seem to cost the same, so I did not see the value of a meal.

Just for the sake of it, we ordered a lamb Pav Bhajji, just to see how it was. The minced meat would have tasted great with dosa, but was not great with the pav. Not bad, but not outstanding. The burrito we ordered was pretty average and their Mexican cooking needs an uplift. We saw a doner kebab ( the German/Turk version of the schwarma) and it was huge, we were stuffed so we did not try that, but next time, God willing, certainly. We had a strawberry cream brownie crepe for dessert and it was heavenly. As of now, their German and French kitchens are working super well, others need some more work I guess.

The prices are not street, but that depends on which street you are on. I paid about 4 euros for a bread with steak in Frankfurt, so if you convert it, it is about 260 bucks and that is what is being charged. But the dessert crepe at Rs. 300 was definitely pricy, but it tasted too good. The whole meal cost us Rs. 2500, about 600 per head, which is pretty much what it costs for a decent dinner anywhere, so we did not mind at all. So expect to pay dinner prices.

And while we were leaving, the owner threw us a drink on the house, a lemon yogurt and a tidbit- they have a Michelin star chef as a consultant. Whoa.

Food 8.5/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service NA
Price 8/10

Spoonbill is on TTK road, above Coffee Day.

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