New Town Cafe, ECR

Last weekend my friends and me were itching to try out a new place and since one friend has a new diesel car and has found a new love for driving and filling up fuel for almost half the price, drove us down to ECR to try out this new cafe. The ambiance was amazing, very well done. They have a nice outdoor seating area with a large screen showing the Euro cup and a cosy indoor seating with tables that have bells to call the waiter, to ask for the bill etc, neat concept.

We asked for a chicken satay, a chicken murkthabak, a bangers & mash and costa chicken and some drinks, of which the iced tea was very average, but the berry crush was amazing. The satay was nice, thicker than other places so there was a lot of meat and very tasty. The peanut sauce that came with it was not the best in the world, but the satay made up for it. The costa chicken served was equally tasty and was served with mashed potatoes, while the bangers was three huge pieces of sausage, also very tasty. The chicken murkthabak, which is like stuffed paratha was pretty good, but paled compared to the other dishes. However I sorely missed salad in all the dishes that are normally served with some veggies such as the costa chicken, bangs and mash etc.

We were quite stuffed and also since we more than made up for swimming that evening, we skipped dessert and drove back. The bill for all of the above and a take away of one malay fried rice was Rs. 1700. The waiters do not know much of the menu but I guess as time goes by, they will. Since the buzzer is on the table, you can just press the button to either call them or ask for the bill, so service is not a problem. This is the kind of restaurant I would love to have in the city.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Price 8.5/10

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