Jacob's Kitchen

The guy who comes on Sun TV and does some crazy stuff there, the same guy who created a Guinness World Record for BBQ cooking now has his own restaurant on (where else) KNK road. And we were invited to check out his fare and boy, what a wonderful dinner it was.

Chef Jacob has a passion for South Indian dishes and specialty dishes from villages and the likes. So the name of the dishes are very inspiring and some of them stunned a few of us. The nenjellumbu rasam, reminded me of the some of the weddings of my uncles when I was probably 10 years old. Typical meatless soup, but ones with full of flavor. We had the mutton sukka, which I thought was not upto the mark, but the nei koli varuval (ghee chicken roast i guess) and the koli milagu (pepper chicken) were outstanding. The Meen karandi was more like a karandi omelette since it had very little fish in it, but the karandi was good. Should try the chicken next time to see if there is more meat in it.

My favorite dishes of the night were the Kari dosa and Jawahar jaloor parota, the kari dosa which can be a meal by itself, it was amazing. The ratio of the condiments to the dosa were tilted towards the condiments which is a very good thing. And the Jawahar jaloor parotta, man what eh dish. It was just amazing. After the movie kandukonden kandukonden (yeah with Aishwarya at the peak of her,well, acting skills), I was hoping I will get valapoo vadai and we got it here, but I would have still liked to try what was made for the movie. I did not like the manpanai biriyani, but then, I don't like most non Muslim biriyanis, so I am biased at that.

We had the mutton kasa musa and Kumukku muttai gulbadham as gravies and i had them with appams and Kari dosa and I loved it. We tried a few desserts, but the only one I will order when I go back is the mettukudi pudding. I don't know what was in it and that point I couldn't care, but it was amazing. All of us dropped other desserts and got more servings of this wonderful pudding.

The restaurant has started off great and in the upmarket KNK road, I am glad we have a very nice restaurant catering to the fans of authentic south indian food, which is not just dosa vada, but truly South Indian from names to flavors. I went back on Saturday with friends but with a huge waiting line, we went back disappointed. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. Prices are on par with KNK so a meal for two should cost around Rs. 1000.

Food 8.5/10
Price 8/10
Ambiance 7/10

Jacob's kitchen is on KNK road, but the access is better from Walace Garden road (opp Subway and Sandy's). It's in the first floor of the building that hosts Jaawaids kebabs and Kurries)

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