Fat Chef, Whitefield, Bangalore

No trip to Bangalore is complete without trying out a new place to stuff myself and this visit turned out so much better. After scouting for a new place, my bangalore foodie friend narrowed it down to Fat Chef because it was close to where we stayed and reviews were pretty good. So off and the place took us by surprise. It was a super elegant place, nice and eclectic interiors with a small garden on one end with tables there and a winery inside restaurant. Full marks to the ambiance.

We were looking at starter options when we saw a main course go to the next table, it was humongous. So we skipped the starters and ordered a grilled fish special of the day and a cheese and prawns stuffed chicken. And both the dishes turned out to be super amazing. The fish was a nice big fillet, perfectly spiced and well done, served with the right condiments. The chicken was a rare dish, it was a breast of chicken sliced open, stuffed with prawns and cheese and grilled and served with condiments. We were both full (well, we had something to eat a couple of hours back), but still there is always place for dessert. So we chose the blueberry cheese cake. In most places in Chennai, blueberry cheese cake means, a cheese cake with blueberry compote on top, but not here. The cheese cake was flavored just right with blueberry, so it was slightly bluish and even without the compote, tasted like blueberry cheese cake. Just perfect.

The reviews were unanimous in rating the service low and had mentioned that the waiters were rude, but we had a great time. Our waiter was polite, knew the menu and helped us select our lunch. And the bill was Rs. 1012, which is very good for the kind of food we had.

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 9.5/10
Price 9/10

Fat Chef is located in Whitefield, in the Jagriti Complex. When coming from Marathali, it's on your left, a couple of kilometers before the Forum Value Mall.

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