Kebab and Sharab Festival, Paprika, Marriott

Have you ever had a Dahi Kebab? No, not anything marinated in curd, but a kebab made entirely of curd. If you have, then God bless you, if you have not, then the Kebab festival at the Marriott is a great place to start. I have made no bones of the fact that Marriott is my favorite fancy place to eat at, so when I was told about the festival and having done a review of the place the last time the kebab festival was on, I had to go here.

This time around, four of us were there and placing the order was a nobrainer. We simply ordered two full platters, one veg and one non veg. Value for money was an understatement when we saw the platter. There were eight kebabs each on the menu, and a portion of kebabs cost 500 plus taxes, but the platter, veg, costing Rs. 1099 and the non veg costing Rs. 1199, comes with unlimited domestic alcohol. And they will substitute the alcohol with mocktail for the teetotalers, so no worries. Not sure if the mocktails are unlimited, but there were 16 pieces of kebabs in each platter. That's why we could not help but wonder if we were really in a five star place.

The curd kebab was a completely different one,something I have never heard of and it was excellent, just the creativity was great. I enjoyed the Golconda kebab which has pomogranate inside and while I did the like the jackfruit kebab, the wife and the others thought it was great. I also enjoyed the brocolli kebab which was oozing with cheese. Each of the veg kebabs were quite nice, but I was saving space for the non veg platter which arrived a few minutes after.

Super brandy prawns, it was. No body else in the group eats prawns so I had both for myself, slurp. We fought for the lamb leg kebab, it was super juicy, super soft and just melts in your mouth. And this time around, there was the galouti kebab, finally. It was served differently, on a tart shell and I was eager to gulp it down, but unfortunately it was a disappointment for me. It was slightly dry and not as melty as I would have liked, and also, the mutton sheekh kebab was not great, but the rest of the kebab made up for it. The betal nut kebab was another unique dish and the fish and the Murgh kebabs were all very nice.

Since there were 8 veg and 8 non veg (and the platter had two each), and I was too busy eating to note the technical names of the kebabs, I am not able to name them accurately, but if I was heading to Marriott during this time, I would not bother remembering names, just get a platter.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Price 9/10

Paprika is the lobby cafe at the Marriott.

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