Chennai Foodie Showcase - Tuscana Kryptos


Ha, I have been wanting to say that for quite some time now. When a production house got in touch with me with an idea, the idea sounded great. But I was skeptical as to how feasible it was and with God's grace, IAKR films has made it a reality. I am excited to see this happen but very curious to know what you guys think about it.

So, here we are, introducing the Chennai Foodie Showcase, a new series of videos, featuring some of my favorite places to eat at. Meet the owners, the chefs, see their specialties and get intimate with some of the best places to eat out.

No, the blog is not going anywhere and I will continue to keep writing about every place I eat out. This is just an addition so, you can always come back to to look for a place to eat out.

IAKR is on facebook (yeah who isn't)

And so is Tuscana Kryptos - a great place to eat. The one we went to is on Chamiers Road, diagonally opposite the entry to Park Sheraton, but there is one on KNK road in Nungambakkam as well.

As always, your feedback is more than welcome, fresh tomatoes or rotten ones! Either on the comments or to my inbox. You can courier the stuff to me as well.

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