5 Senses

5 Senses, a fantastic restaurant on KNK road, with easily one of the best ambiances in the city has recently undergone and menu make over and that was enough reason for a bloggers meet hosted by therestaurant. The bloggers meet at 5 Senses, happened last week and the outcome was fantastic. I don't remember the last time all of us came out drooling repeatedly over the food.

It was a very warm day in Chennai that day (ok, every day is), and so we decided to sit in the cool seating area on the inside. Fantastic decor, well set out tables with enough space and with the likes of Marylyn Monroe on the walls, it is a feast for the eye. But as we found out later, it is a feast for the tongue as well.

Since we were eight people, there was a lot of food and for starters we had a chef sampler and a tapas platter. Priced at about 650 each, this is certainly a platter for two to share and not eight, but the quality and the taste made us forget the portion. The salmon on the asparagus stick was the clear winner while the grilled lamb, crumb fried chicken and the likes were not far behind. A tinge of warning though, the chicken wings here are marinated with blue cheese, so if you are not a fan of blue cheese, do not order it. You will return it saying it 'smells bad'. Since the platters were not enough for all of us,we ordered a stuffed mushroom, which was heavenly, a spanakopita which is puff pasty rolled with cheese and equally heavenly and a super unique dish called the panka crumbed jalapeño which tasted fantastic. After a round of simply superb food, we waited for the main course.

Again, the smoked salmon pasta was a hero, so almost anything with smoked salmon seems to be great here, but this time it was not a clear winner. It had severe competition from the lamb chops, which with the chutney and the polenta I think, was a great dish. The chicken skewer pasta was another great dish, while the lamb tagine, cooked in that clay pot was tender and juicy and tasty too. Compared to the small portions of the starter platters, the main course had comfortable portions.

But the disappointment for me was the drinks and the dessert. Mine cookie drink was too watery and I would stick to the teas which turned out to be great here. We had a alphonso creme brûlée, which most of them loved, but I somehow did not like it so much. For me the creme brûlée should have that crisp layer and unadulterated, but the mango did not go well for me. Four others loved it so, it s a matter of personal taste, but the chocolate cake called the corstata, with the bailey ice cream was a kicker.

If you are looking to eat out this weekend, look no further.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 8/10

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